Are you the Ultimate Viva La Bam Fan?

Think you know all about Bam Margera and his crew? take the quiz to find out if your an ultimate fan or just a Bam Margera fake! Have you been watching every single re-run...or just taking this quiz for the fun of it?

Are YOU a viva la bam fan? Do you have what it takes to win the Bam Margera Crown? Could you be his next best friend? or his next enemy ? take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Jenn

  1. When was Viva La Spring Break filmed?
  2. What is Don Vito's Real name?
  3. Does Novak have a child?
  4. How many season's of Viva La Bam were created?
  5. When did Bam and Missy marry?
  6. What skate company is Bam a part of?
  7. When bam and the crew created their own state ..who was mayor?
  8. When missy get's new shoe's, why does Bam throw them in the fire place?
  9. When Bam buys a new house, he ask's April to decorate, what does she paint on the walls?
  10. What colour does Bam dye his hair for his and missy's wedding?

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Quiz topic: Am I the Ultimate Viva La Bam Fan?