Ultimate Rolling Stones Fan

There are a lot of people who say they are the ultimate Rolling Stones fan. They say they know everything about the Rolling Stones. Well this will test you to see if you really do know everything about the Rolling Stones.

If you think you are an ultimate Rolling Stones fan, then take this quiz. To find out if you really are. You will be quizzed about everything from Brian Jones To The rolling Stones today. and then we will see if you are the ultimate Rolling Stones fan.

Created by: Cody Hvozdik
  1. Who founded the Rolling Stones?
  2. How old was Brian Jones when he died?
  3. Who did the Stones cover their song "Not Fade Away" off of?
  4. Which one these people was a former member of the Stones?
  5. When was Mick Jagger born?
  6. How many decades have they been playing?
  7. Who enshrined Mick Jagger in his paintings?
  8. What year did the Stones get inducted into the Hall of Fame?
  9. Who died during the Altamont concert?
  10. Who murdered Brian Jones?
  11. What was the 2005 movie that Stephen Woolley directed that depicted the life of Brian Jones?
  12. What Superbowl did the Stones perform at?
  13. Who helps Mick Jagger manage the Stones?
  14. Who was allegedly found naked in Keith Richards house during a raid in 1967?
  15. Where did the Stones originate?

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