are you the ultimate horror freak?

There are many great horror films out there but you have to keep a close eye on the ones that give you shivers down your back because chances are, is that you might just be a horror freak. why? well because you connected with that film and only horror freaks have that ability.

Are you a horror freak? Do you have guts and blood to sacrifice your soul to become one? until now you could only say that you loved horror or lived it but in just a few minutes you will discover weather or not you have the power confine and worship it.

Created by: mariah

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  1. do you squirm at the sight of guts and gore?
  2. how many haunted attractions or haunted theme parks have you been to?
  3. what movie is the character freddy krueger from?
  4. what is horror movie character michael myers also referred to as?
  5. if you were a killer what weapon would you use?
  6. have you rented and watched every horror movie in stock at the video rental store?
  7. do you randomly put on horror make up to scare people or just to do it?
  8. what do you like best about horror films?
  9. what two inocent childhood songs are great for a horror film?
  10. which horror film is the scariest?
  11. you find a dead animal along the road you....
  12. your friends sleep over at your house and there is nothing to do so you....
  13. do you lie alot to make people scared that some horrable things happen to you?
  14. you think death is....
  15. you can easily scare somone just by standing still and or not blinking
  16. do you believe in the bogeyman?

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Quiz topic: Am I the ultimate horror freak?