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  • 68% depressed. Not suicidal. Ha, funny I remember trying to drown myself, jump from high places to try and break my neck, cutting my wrist and legs, even hitting myself with a baseball bat. Can the author please make it more accurate?

    AverageCookie Feb 17 '19, 2:04AM
  • I got 62% I really do need help, because I just took this to confirm what I already knew... I am very suicidal... but I cant tell my mom or she'll flip out. can anyone help me?

    INeedHelp14 Feb 13 '19, 5:50PM
  • haha, 68%, I cry and night and cut, self harm, and hate myself for making everyone down, I’m not depressed! I’ve tried commiting suicide, I wish it didn’t fail :’D

    Misty Oxeria Feb 6 '19, 10:31PM
  • Family members hate me and I have no friends. Lol I'm pathetic

    Imannoying Feb 4 '19, 10:25AM
  • 85% :) nobody would care because I have no friends

    Imannoying Feb 4 '19, 10:24AM
  • Well s--- I got 90% I’m done

    Butch Jan 14 '19, 4:14PM
  • I took this quiz and I got a 73%
    And I finished and saw these comments and decided to tell you those of y'all who are young like 11 and 12 and any age that any of y'all who ever think that life isn't worth it, look at it like this it's only obstacles in life that u need to go through to make you stronger in life. I am 18 years of age and I've tried many many times but I'm still here I wonder why and then I realize that it must mean I am supposed to be here to show the world many great things, I sit here on a daily basis helping every single person that comes to me with their issues in life because I believe every single living soul here deserves to life and so do y'all. Many great years ahead of y'all in ur future

    Anxious_Human Dec 21 '18, 3:12AM
  • I am 13 and got 84% suicidal but i always feel like 100% and I dont think i want to live anymore.

    Queen121 Dec 8 '18, 3:02AM
  • Im an 11 year old girl and tested 100% i knew it! no one likes me and i might as well just end it i dont have a life anyways.

    antisocial Dec 6 '18, 4:23PM
  • 69% at 14... rlly thought it would be at least 90% the only thing keeping me alive rn is the thought of what my parents would do because my dad isn't in good shape after his mom died three months ago

    qwertyuiopasdfg Dec 2 '18, 11:23AM
  • everyday before I go to bed I say I hope I don’t wake up

    HopeIdieSoon Nov 20 '18, 7:47PM
  • 67%, I hate life almost every day, to cope with things I sometimes cut or cry and cut. Life sucks and i hate it so much, I feel like dying would make peoples lives better is that so wrong to think that, does that make me a freak?

    Loser18 Nov 10 '18, 12:44PM
  • I’ve try to kill myself multiple times but never followed threw or screamed into a pillow and cry my eyes out

    unoffical Nov 8 '18, 11:12PM
  • I’m 15 and a female and I’m always sad but try to hide it I’m only happy when I’m around one person and that’s it and I don’t know what to do anymore sometimes I feel like I wasn’t meant to be here

    unoffical Nov 8 '18, 11:12PM
  • I am 15 years old, I self harm my self by cutting, I plan on stoping. The quiz told me that I was 77% scuicidal. Sometimes I do want to die but not all the time, I’m curently seeing a therapist to help me. I hope no one else has to go threw these thoughts.

    Jess2003 Nov 3 '18, 12:58PM
  • If I'm gonna say anything it's that suicide sucks. This is coming from someone who has attempted it many times, and has lost many people to suicide lately, It's a hard thing to cope with, it's even harder when you're the one who doesn't want to be alive anymore. All I can say is even though it may not feel like it there ARE people who love you and there ARE people who are glad you're alive and care deeply about you.

    babygirl060217 Oct 16 '18, 12:08AM
  • losers

    n3groslayer Aug 24 '18, 2:41AM
  • 85%, and here i am thinking of killing myself without pain

    swagdude Aug 11 '18, 1:00PM
  • All of you thinking about this, I know this is hard especially you seebsy my best friend has anxiety and some depression. All I can say is that if you really really want to please, I’m begging you tell someone. Your life literally depends on it

    GwenBear06 Jul 21 '18, 5:54AM
  • 85%. I wouldn't want help from therapists or anyone else. They still use electric shock treatment.

    jojowolf43 Jul 20 '18, 9:58AM
  • 100 percent, spot on! Well, at least I can do 1 thing right, here's to hoping the plan goes through as predicted. Then I will have done at least 2 things correctly in my pitiful excuse for an existence. Not sharing that, I don't condone suicide you see. Sometimes folks just need someone, anyone, even a stranger, to talk things through, to feel a sense of reconnection to humanity. I encourage, no beg you, to be sure that there is nothing, I mean it, nothing at all, that fix your situation. If you have a chance, take it.

    Myka78 Nov 26 '15, 4:04AM
  • 69%, I know a lot lower then I expected, I was expecting 100%, I'm only 11 and I want to die,my parents don't know, but I'm gonna hang myself.

    seebsy Sep 15 '14, 12:00AM

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