Are You Suicidal?

many people dont know if they are sad, depressed, or truly suicidal. if you are truly suicidal there is help for you out there. and if you are not you can be sure.

are YOU truly suicidal? and how suicidal are you? is there hope for you yet? take this quiz to find out! if so there is help for you before you take the jump, knife, or rope!

Created by: alana
  1. do you often get depressed?
  2. do thoughts of ending your life cross your mind?
  3. do you take anti-depressants?
  4. do you hurt yourself?
  5. have you thought about what would people do if you were dead?
  6. do you hear things people dont hear?
  7. do you see things other people cant see?
  8. do you feel sad all the time?
  9. do things that used to make you happy not really matter anymore?
  10. do you feel so overwhelmed that maybe ending your life would make things easier?
  11. did taking this quiz make you more aware of your life and that maybe you want to live?
  12. have you ever thought about what your best friend would do if you died?
  13. have you ever seen a therapist?

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Quiz topic: Am I Suicidal?