Are you suicidal?

Suicide is a serious thing and I decided to make a quiz to see who wants to die. I am only a suicidal person so these answers are just my opinion, yet I do have a lot of experience in this department. I am feeling suicidal at the moment so this quiz felt appropriate. have fun

Are you suicidal? You can take this quiz and find out. Four possible answers to review. Answer honestly to get the closest results. This quiz is NOT a actual screening of any sort but to my experience this is what I picture as some determining factors of whether I am suicidal or not.

Created by: Deanna
  1. Is your life going the way YOU want it to go?
  2. Have you ever attempted suicide?
  3. Would you do it...or try it again?
  4. Have you ever known someone that committed suicide?
  5. Do you catch yourself looking at sharp objects?
  6. Do you hate yourself?
  7. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?...cutting, burning, overdoce?
  8. Do you want to die?
  9. Do you use drugs?
  10. Do you think you're a bad person?

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Quiz topic: Am I suicidal?