Are you stupid? Let's find out

Some may argue whether stupid is a real word, I'm here to tell you that it is. We all are a bit stupid in one form or another, I want to show you just how stupid you are.

Do you think you may be stupid? Do your friends or family constantly call you similar names as stupid? Well let's see how truly stupid you and your small mind can be.

Created by: Veronica

  1. Do you often take longer to understand jokes?
  2. Do you take longer to make decisions then the average person?
  3. Do you find yourself forgetting a lot?
  4. Do you find that people around you get frustrated with you a lot?
  5. Do you think you might be stupid for taking this quiz? (This one does not count)
  6. Does your brain hurt if you read even if it isn't a lot?
  7. Do you find yourself questioning yourself?
  8. Which is better ice cream or cake?
  9. Do you love chocolate?
  10. Last question, how do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I stupid? Let's find out