How Stupid is Your Sister

There are many smart sisters out there but some are just plain stupid. Have you ever wondered "how stupid is my sister" Well this quiz answers your question !

Let's see if your sister is grouped as a smart sister or a stupid sister. Take this quiz to tell "how stupid is your sister" Once you took it show it off to your sister. Maybe they would want to have a turn.

Created by: Valerie
  1. Does your sister argue with you a lot?
  2. Is your sister smarter than you?
  3. Is your sister younger than you?
  4. Does your sister play games or study more?
  5. Is your sister a couch potato?
  6. Does your sister talk a lot?
  7. Does your sister ignore you ?
  8. What is your sister's favourite number?
  9. What is your sister's average grade?
  10. What kind of boys does your sister admire/like?

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Quiz topic: How Stupid is my Sister