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  • Carmen Winstead
    was pushed
    down a sewer opening
    by 5 girls in her school,
    trying to
    in front of
    her school
    during a fire drill.
    When she didn't submerge
    the police were called.
    They went down
    and brought up
    17 year old
    Carmen Winstead's
    her neck broken from
    hitting the ladder,
    and then the
    side concrete at the bottom.
    The girls told everyone she fell...
    They believed them.
    2 months ago,
    16 year old
    David Gregory
    read this post and
    didn't repost it.
    When he went to
    take a shower
    he heard
    from his shower,
    he started freaking out
    and ran to his computer
    to repost it.
    He said goodnight
    to his mom
    and went to sleep.
    5 hours later
    his mom woke up
    in the middle of the night
    cause of a loud noise.
    David was gone.
    That morning
    a few hours later
    the police found him
    in the
    hi s neck broken
    and his face skin
    peeled off.

    Even google her name- you'll find this to be true

  • I am just having some trouble figuring out what is making a person smart or stupid on this quiz. For me, I would consider someone smart to be someone who enjoys reading, does not really drink or do drugs, etc. etc. But that's just me. I took it twice, modifying my answers, and both times, the algorithm said I was average, so, I do not know.

  • How is this suposed to tell if you are smart. I got stupid but I get straight A's I think the person who made this quiz is stupid. Sexy-ness doesnt make you smart. I mean I am pretty and all but that is not what makes me smart. I think the person who made this quiz is full of them selves. 0/10. It was a waist of my time. I want 1 min of my life back please.

  • Call me stupid and this quiz is inappropriate for girls what the saying do u want *** that's GROSS like realy gross what's wrong and I bet u a boy made this quiz !!!!

    Cinder fall 101
  • What the hell, I'm not stupid. I'n themost educated nerd in my class. I barely fit in with the populars and get teased on a regular basis. People even say im TOO smart for my age.

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • What does being lesbian, or whether your attactive or not have to do with being stupid?

  • you are a sick sick person kids take these quizzes too you know you a*s you need to go lick someiones a** f**k you

  • your sexuality doesnt determine how smart you are. Eeediot.

  • i got your unuasully smart....huh....wel l i'm not exactly smart and i'm not exacly stupid so i'm kinda in quiz! :)

  • Love the quiz! AND I LOVE YOU!!! lol (not sure bout that but... yea :D) PEACE!!!! :)


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