Are you stuck up?

Are you stuck up? Want to know what kind of stuck up you are? Maybe you're normal, maybe you can't look away from a mirror for two seconds. Or do you lurk in the dark, and fear society's grip?

Use this quiz (Not seriously, mind you) to see how you measure up in my "stuck-o-meter" Just fill in these questions, to find out how much of a prick YOU are?

Created by: Lanier

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  1. First thing in the morning, what do you do first?
  2. You see a girl/boy at school you like, what do you do?
  3. Out at the mall, you have some friends with you, and you see a very fat,ugly woman walk by; what do you say?
  4. On the computer, a new IM comes in, you don't know who it is, the first thing they say is "Hi" What do you say back?
  5. One day, you receive a package at your door, it's not addressed to you, and you don't recognize the address, what do you do?
  6. Saturday! What are your plans?
  7. Your best friend's girlfriend/boyfriend is really into you, do you take action?
  8. Here come the REAL questions A rumor starts spreading that you have been doing drugs; what action do you take?
  9. One day, you find a blemish on your face...
  10. Someone makes a comment about you in a public place behind your back, you....

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Quiz topic: Am I stuck up?