Are You Stuck On youself?

Some people think only of themselves, you may the one person who needs a "REALITY CHECK"! Come back down to earth. See how the world may see you and discover how you can change it!

Are you truely stuck on yourself? Does your friends or loved ones think you may be? Discover yourself and how you really are by taking this simple quiz.You may be suprised!

Created by: Lovy

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  1. Do you tend to find yourself always wanting to look in a mirror?
  2. Do you often think you are over-dressed compared to your friends when going out for a night on the town?
  3. When your out with your friends, do you think all the guys/girls are really looking at you.
  4. Do you wear clothes that are too tight for you because you think it shows what great assets you have?
  5. When at a club, do you dance with someone or dance alone?
  6. Do you exercise regularly?
  7. Do you buy expensive things?
  8. Did you buy your own car?
  9. Would you ever wear hand-me-downs?
  10. Are you judgemental or people may say your shallow?

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