Can You Hang With the Guys?

Don't deny it. You'll be hangin' with some guy friends, tryin' to keep up with the game and you'll wonder "how do they understand this?" You become confused as the football's thrown frantically back and forth. But you're too afraid to ask "What's a first down?" or "What penalty?" in fear that the guys will exclude you.

So here it is, the answer to all your problems. Do you know enough to join the sausage fest, or are stuck supplying chips and beer? After this you'll know if you're worthy to chill or stuck at the grill...

Created by: holly
  1. Let's start easy. How many offensive players can be on the field at one time>
  2. Which of the following are special teams?
  3. There are five ways to score points. Name three.
  4. Which of the following are both offensive positions?
  5. Kickers are good for four things. Which is not one of them?
  6. A "sac" is bad for which of the following players?
  7. What is "intentional grounding"?
  8. Which is not a penalty?
  9. The heavy-set fellows are typically...
  10. What happens after each quarter?
  11. What's the term used when a kickoff lands in the end zone?
  12. If it's 4th down and 20 to goal, it's probably a good idea to...
  13. It's first down and 10, one of your o-linemen goes offsides, now its...
  14. Which is not something the QB can do?
  15. Is it possible to score on defense?
  16. An interception can be made by...
  17. The highest number that can be on a football field is...(hint: it's a trick question)
  18. Typically, single-digit numbers are for...
  19. The game ends when...

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Quiz topic: Can I Hang With the Guys?