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Hey people. Okay, so this is going to be a one chapter story on the affects of bullying. If you can't handle violence and scary situations -- it's best if you don't read this.

Small backstory : this girl I used to be friends with,Becky, was always getting bullied in school. Last year -- she couldn't handle it. She committed suicide, and that's why I decided to write this.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

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  1. I bet you thought it was all funny until things got serious. I bet you had a big laugh when I tripped over your leg in lunch last week. I bet you found it hilarious when you spilled my lunch tray the other day. And I bet you nearly died cackling when I walked downstairs and tripped over that mop bucket this afternoon. Now, here i am -- ready to give up on everything. Are you still laughing?
  2. Becky Cambridge held onto her bleeding palm as she picked herself up from the frigid tiling -- cold from the churning AC blowing up above it. " You're so ugly, Becky!" laughed Linona Woods -- her ex best friend. " Yeah, Becky! Becky Becky is a wrecky.... We all wish she'd break her necky." chanted the circle of girls surrounding her, their laughing faces causing Becky to burst into tears.
  3. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she searched around frantically for a teacher -- and what do you know -- none were around in her time of need. " Leave me alone! " she sniveled -- her brown eyes glued on her crush standing in the background. " Linonan! Leave Becky alone," he scolded her. " she can't help it she's such a slut. "
  4. Her heart nearly fell out of her chest as he walked over to her and gave her a firm shove -- her back slamming against a locker. " Becky -- you need to leave. You need to get out as fast as possible, " he whispered into her ear -- his arms rested above her head. " I'll stop by your place to check on you. But you need to go now, ok?" he asked. She gave a vigorous nod as he slowly pulled away and flashed her a hidden smile.
  5. Becky immediately scrambled down the hall and ran straight out of the building -- her body slamming against another. " Oh gosh! Becky!" giggled her best friend -- Lexi. " Lex! Ohmigosh, I thought you were one of Linonas followers." she sighed, causing Lexi to frown. " Hey, that's hurtful." she pouted, Becky giving her a playful slap as they walked hand-in-hand down the road. Yeah, Lexi and Becky were best friends -- and Lexi understood how Becky felt. She'd been through the same stuff as well -- when she was younger.
  6. "Becky," called a snobby voice behind them. " I didn't know you were gay! Wait till I tell Linona!" Cher Ladence giggled. Cher and Linona were besties and gossiped about EVERYTHING together. Becky immediately pulled her hand away from Lexi -- afraid of being bullied even more. However, Lexi just turned to face Cher, and with a smirk on her face said. " And you aren't? Sorry to break it to you Cher. But I saw you and Missy." and with that being said, she turned on her heel and dragged Becky off with her -- leaving behind a stunned Cher.
  7. As the two girls continues on, Becky decided to tell Lexi what happened at school before she fled. " Wait... Gavin is coming to your house? Beck, " Lexi sighed, turning to look her best friend in the eyes -- placing her hands on both of her shoulders. " are you sure you can trust him? I mean, he's basically one of them. He's a jock, Becky, and you know how stupid those airheads can be. I just don't want you to get hurt." she sighed. Becky gave a sudden frown as she squirmed away from Lexi, her eyes now barriers.
  8. " You know what, Lexi?" she growled through gritted teeth, giving Lexi a sudden shove. " I think you're just jealous." " Jealous!? Jealous of what?" questioned Lexi, who was now staring at her with a look of sympathy. " Jealous that Gavin Brooke's is maybe interested in me and not you." she yelled. " Becky, are you okay?" asked Lexi, ignoring her friends outburst. " I hate you! I hate you so much Lexi! You have it all! You're pretty and cool and you have a boyfriend. What do I have?" " You have me."
  9. Lexi and Becky gave each other a small hug before walking their separate ways -- Becky still a bit on edge from her little spat with Lexi. "Hey! Becky!" called out Gavin -- who had been standing out in front of her house waiting for her. " Hey..." " I'm sorry I had to shove you earlier, but you know my reputation is on the line -- and if people knew that I might like you, they'd laugh me straight off of the football team," he sighed, his eyes magnetically locked onto hers. "You... You like me?" she asked, blushing wildly as he gave a nod.
  10. Both teens walked into her house and talked for a bit -- and Gavin had gotten her to admit that she was thinking about transferring schools -- something even Lexi didn't know about yet. " You can't! I... I'd miss you a lot if you left." Gavin cried out, his cheeks going crimson as she opened her eyes wide in surprise. " You would?" " Yes, I definitely would."
  11. After Gavin had went home, Becky called Lexi and told her everything -- even the parts about how she wanted to transfer schools. " Now listen, Beck. I know you're excited -- heck -- I'm excited for you, but be careful." warned Lexi before hanging up. Be careful. Becky recalled Gavin saying the exact same thing to her this afternoon when he helped her out. Becky's lips tugged upwards into a smile as she hopped into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep -- her mind full of things she'd like to ask Gavin the next day.
  12. The next morning, Becky scuttled out of bed and quickly yanked on a cute peach mini skirt -- which she had never wore before -- and a white tank top that hugged her curves nicely. She then brushed her tangled brown hair and pulled it into a quick ponytail before slipping on her shoes and walking to school. " Oh my god, Becky! You have a hot date or something?" asked an awestruck Lexi, playing around with a bangle bracelet that was wrapped around her wrist. " No, but do you?" " Well, Tomi decided to take me to Taco Bell -- not that it's much of a date -- but it'll do." she grinned, giving Becky one last hug before scurrying away to her friend, Gage.
  13. As Becky walked into school, her eyes landed on an outraged Linona, who was standing next to Gavin. Without a second thought, Linona quickly turned her head to Gavin and slammed her lips against his -- Becky's eyes filling with tears as she saw it. She quickly fled down the hall -- missing the fact that Gavin yanked Linona off of him and watched as she ran off.
  14. Becky quickly ran back outside and took off to her house, a voice calling after her -- but she ignored it. " Becky! Wait!" Gavin yelled, chasing after her for a bit before heading to his red Ford and driving after her. Of course, Becky didn't know this, but Gavin wasn't really the best of drivers, and about halfway to her house, his truck hit a tree -- killing him instantly.
  15. Becky ran into her house, not knowing about Gavin's wreck, and began to sob bitterly. The guy of her dreams kissed Linona Woods. As she threw herself a pity party -- a sudden banging noise began to sound off from outside. Scurrying to the door, she was met with a teary-eyed Lexi, who simply handed her a note and pulled her into a hug.
  16. 'Dear my beloved Becky, I know that life hasn't treated you well, and I know I haven't been the best to you recently, but I want to forget that. I want to let you know that kiss with Linona wasn't anything -- she kissed me, not the other way around. Becky, what I'm trying to say is I love you. I love you with all of my heart. But if you don't feel the same way, I understand. Love, Gavin.'
  17. " I need to find Gavin." she exclaimed, her eyes wide as she realized Lexi was now full-on sobbing -- her head resting against the door frame. " B-Becky.... G-Gavin had a wreck," she croaked, Becky looking at her in shock. " Where is he!? Where's Gavin?!" " Becky, Gavin died.... That note was in his hand. I'm so so sorry "
  18. Becky burst into tears and slammed the door, locking Lexi out. She continued to cry all night, and didn't stop until the next morning. Doing her best to not look like she'd died, she got dresses and walked to school -- a hoard of furious looking girls standing in front of her locker. " Hey Becky, how does it feel to be a killer?" Linona asked with a harsh glare, pushing Becky across the hall, her back hitting another body. "Yeah! You're an awful person, slut!" another girl called out. The girls formed a circle around her and began to shove her back and forth -- Becky now in tears and her friends nowhere to be found.
  19. " I'm sor-sorry!" cried Becky, really believing she was the cause of Gavin's death. "You should be!" roared linona, using the butt of her hand and slapping Becky across the face, and with that, all of the girls scurried off, leaving Becky crying on the hall floor. Minutes passed yet nobody noticed her, so she did what she thought was best and ran back home, heading straight into the kitchen.
  20. "Becky!? Hey, Becky let me in!" Lexi yelled from outside, pounding on the door with all of her might. Becky just ignored her and pulled out a knife from the sink, letting the cold metal rub against her flesh. "Please, Becky! Linona doesn't no what she's talking about!" Lexi continued to yell, Becky now letting the blade slowly slice into her skin. In Becky's eyes, she killed Gavin. And with that, she jabbed it into her heart -- and died.
  21. The next Day, Lexi was still crying. She had lost her best friend to bullying. When she walked into school that day, Linona walked up to her with puffy red eyes and said. " I'm so sorry. I never meant for it to go this far." " You made my friend kill herself!" Lexi roared, and took off. Linona began to cry, and since that day, hasn't bullied another person since.
  22. Bullying -- the worst thing you can do is to bully someone. No matter what others say, bullying really is one of the worst things. While killing someone is bad -- bullying mentally kills people and causes them to do awful things. While it may be funny to see people fall and get hurt sometimes, just remember bullying comes with a price. Are you still laughing?

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