Are you a strong person

How capable are you of taking care of yourself in a healthy manner and leading a happy positive life? There are many factors weighing in but perhaps this quiz can give you an idea.

Are you the type of person who gets bullied around, someone who does all the bullying or something inbetween? Whatever it may be, find out by answering these few questions!

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  1. How do you perceive your own level of confidence in general?
  2. How do you think your near and loved ones sees your level of confidence?
  3. How important is your family to you?
  4. Have you ever stolen anything of value or importance to someone else?
  5. Your best friend is in a really bad financial situation, you have the means to help him but it might put yourself in trouble in the future. Would you help him/her?
  6. Your best friend is in a really bad financial situation, helping him/her will DEFINITELY put yourself in a bad situation. Would you help?
  7. Do you enjoy harming animals?
  8. Are you easily upset?
  9. Do you often cry?
  10. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  11. Imagine yourself in a current, past, or imaginative good relationship in which you want to stay. Your partner is breaking up with you, how would you react? Answer truthfully the most accurate answer.
  12. Do you love your mother?
  13. Could you kill a person for whatever reason if there were no fear of consequence
  14. Do you often feel sorry for yourself?
  15. Do you often start arguments with people even when you know you are at fault?
  16. Do you ever engage in self destructive behavior? Such as injuring yourself or neglecting things of importance to your health or well being.
  17. Is money important to you?
  18. Is the well-being of others in general important?
  19. Do you often ignore when people take advantage of you in a minor manner?
  20. Do you prefer to solve problems on your own or seek the help of others?
  21. Do you often take advantage of other people?
  22. Do you often guilt people into doing what you want?
  23. If your partner or a best friend or similar stole money from you but there is no way of proving it, would you confront them?
  24. In a romantical relationship, when you love someone, do you love unconditionally?
  25. Do you fall in love extremely easy?
  26. Are you a loyal person?
  27. Do you believe in God or any other higher power?
  28. Do you admit when you are wrong?
  29. Do you show people your true emotions?
  30. Do you actually feel primary emotions?
  31. Do you easily get angry?
  32. Are you a manipulative person?

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