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    EricRIDDLES Feb 27 '15, 7:46PM
  • Anarchist. Not really a take-charge person but I don't get into politics.

    SarahA Feb 8 '13, 10:00PM
  • i wouldnt mind blowing something up with a bomb so nonono to my results @ the food part NO i HATE veg!

    lolsj Sep 24 '12, 3:15PM
  • emo...right...but im not i wash my hair...wat tey talk bout? tey right bout not smilin n stuff...god im a wee sado :(

    xxrfinn520xx Nov 5 '11, 10:51AM
  • the anarchist?! my dad works for the government!!?!

    12cwatki Jul 25 '09, 9:27AM
  • unclassified

    i hang with like every1 so that makes lotsa sense. 5 stars!

    livinlaughinlovintillidie Feb 24 '08, 10:07AM
  • Wow, it was actually right. Good job on making a quiz where the results are correct; both in the sense that I am that and in the sense that it uses real information rather than the same old stereotypes.

    musicluver1991 Feb 24 '08, 8:46AM

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