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  • You are 30% Smarter than a fifth grader. 30%

    Now, how many times did you get held back, because you are nowhere near as smart as a fifth grader. You probably don't know what 2 times 5 is.

    (I don't know anything about america, in fact, I am not american ;)

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  • On a recent show the question was to spell the word "descendant". The contestant spelled it incorrectly, however the fifth grader spelled it "descendent" but was called incorrect. According to my Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1981 edition, "descendent", although not preferred, is an acceptable spelling and I feel should have been considered correct. I would appreciate a response.

    Thank You,
    Jim Gunn
    E-mail address: [no emails]

    Jim Gunn
  • Ok, I sort of messed that up, for the parts of it where it doesn't look like I was saying anything correctly, it's because I am EXTREMELY TIRED. And the thing in parenthesis about how I don't think this quiz was fair for people of other countries I meant to say BEFORE I SAID "for the American's" is "that was", when I said "BY INVITATION TO" I meant BY "INVITATION TOO", and when I said "then America's image will get a slightly better reputation" I meant to say "then America's image will slightly improve". Sorry about forgetting to proofread. Try to forgive me. I am VERY TIRED. Anyway, as a last piece, this was a test with information you never will need to know. Peace out! (really!)

  • When you mix EQUAL amounts of red and yellow paint, you get RED because the amount of pigment in red paint is so much greater than the amount of pigment in yellow, it takes over. To get orange you mix a little red with a lot of yellow! Oh! What now! Oh, sorry. I'm sure it worked with your crayons. Anyway, this show is bs. Why should an adult get paid a million dollars for knowing useless facts that fifth graders HAVE to know? And just because they don't know stupid facts doesn't mean they're not smarter than a fifth grader!

    • Lol this dude salty he doesnt remember anything-wait all these people are salty, man is this sad

      Creative Name

    Listen to yourselves. If this quiz was actually something that MATTERED in the vast majority of our lives (no offense to the quiz creator) then maybe I wouldn't be writing this comment. But let me tell you guys, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

    I am proud to say that I am a fifth grader in America, and I got 90%, which is reasonable. Please don't attack me, because I am not trying to "flex" (or show off as most of the world calls it). It is quite true that this quiz is based off of American 5th grade standards from both geographical and political perspectives. To those of you that feel strongly about this, I understand that in some ways it is not fair if you don't live in America. But just because we learn differently than the rest of the world doesn't mean we are dumb. I hope everybody can accept that.

    For those of you that are learning in the US, you should also understand that in some ways, places like Singapore and Britain are academically moving faster than us. Again, please dont attack me for saying that.

    Back to what I was saying earlier. Everybody here is probably never going to see this again, as some of these comments are LEGIT OLDER THAN ME. Seriously though, all this conflict over a TV show that in another 5 years, no one is even going to remember?! Since some of you are much older than me now, please don't take this offensively. But some of you seriously need to GROW UP.

  • I just wanted to let everyone here know why this was a quiz with an American bias. It's not because we are self centered or hate the world. It's because of our course of study. Students in the US learn about local geography and American history in the early grades. Starting in 6th grade they learn about ancient civilizations, 7th grade is based on world geography and 8th grade you begin to learn about American government. If any of you were in education (i.e. learning to be a teacher) you would understand a term called schema. In order to learn things more proficiently, you have to be able to connect what you are learning to something you already know. Therefore, students learn about AMERICAN things in the early grades and then expand as they go up. In 9th and 10th grade students get a huge dose of world history. So basically what I'm saying is that you have to understand that a 10 year old is not ready to learn about WORLD history or geography. If this quiz was based in Australia or England, I'm sure there would be information that an American middle schooler would not understand or know.

    P.S. If you think Americans are ego ego centric, then please review some of your previous comments about how you don't need to know American geography.

    • Then it must be different in different school districts because mine is NOTHING LIKE THAT

  • Adults are more INTELLIGENT than a @&%* grade five CHILD. Adults aren't going to remember insignificant facts due to the fact that they haven't been in grade five for years. The show is idiotic, and anyone who believes that an adult is stupid due to lack of knowledge of facts is a fool. Logic and other things measure intelligence.

    • Agree. Well said, Muffin!

  • This is such a stupid quiz. I was the smartest kid in the entire fifthgrade and now I'm going into 6. The lowest grade I have ever gotten is a b+ and That was still the Highest grade out of everybody. ( it was a hard quiz in kindergarten) so anyways, I supposedly got 40% the percent area of that doesn't even make sense it should either be, you ARE smarter than a fifth grader, OR you are NOT SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER. hmmm. Atupid.

  • I got it all right. It wasn't hard. I am an American 7th grader, so that SHOULD explain something. Anyway, I guess the fact that I am going to take the SAT's in 23 days BY INVITATION TO(yes, you just read that I am 13 and already taking the SAT's) could signal that I am smarter than the average 5th grader. I don't even watch the show, so that should even tell you MORE because I haven't heard some of these questions before (obviously SOME have come up in my life, but not a lot). I do agree with some people who also commented, those of you who write in "chat speak" are the ones who give countries other than America the idea that we are all fat people who couldn't multiply our way out of a paper bag. All in all, I don't know why you all got non-passing scores on this test - please go back to school and PAY ATTENTION! Thanks, maybe then America's image will get a slightly better reputation (for the Americans - for those of you from other countries I do see why you wouldn't get good scores because it IS TRUE that this test was totally about American history which I don't see anyone else but Americans needing to know). Peace!

  • Guys, seriously, the quiz is based off of America because, obviously it is based off of the show, which is based out of America. It's also just a quiz you don't have to take it. It is not like it is for a grade, also technically to become an knowledgable adult you should at least know some basic information about all the major countries in the world, not just your own. I liked the quiz it was fun.

  • I'm Singaporean. I scored 10 points (counting English and the best scores of another 4 subjects. Lower is better) for GCE Cambridge Ordinary level. I did Singapore maths (obviously, I'm from Singapore. I'm not very good in the Ordinary Level standard though [for you Californians doing the Singapore syllabus, O-Level mathemathics here is basically Secondary 4 Express textbook stuff. Go figure.]) and loved humanities. I'm now pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communication.

    I scored 100% for the quiz. But, should I also add that I'm not an American? U.S. history aside, if you ask anybody the right questions, he/she can definitely answer all or most of the 5th grade questions one can throw at the person. Please be reminded that the show is still Reality TV, and the people behind it are not just in to give people free cash. They have to profit anyway. If they're going to ask any old 5th grade question, they'll go bankrupt before a series finale. There is bound to be question-rigging, but it's just not apparent.

    So long as you're a 6th grader, a High School student or a Honours Degree holder, you'll always be smarter than a 5th grader, but not vice-versa (Think of it this way: if an adult has to say on a show 'I am not smarter than a 5th grader', does that mean a 5th grader can be smarter than him? Possible, but how many child geniuses are there in our present time?). Therefore, I have to say that to an adult of any educational level (well, at least above 5th grade), the show's questions only amount to general knowledge, not to show his academical knowledge. Those who have been commenting here e.g. 'Yeah, I'm 6th grader, so I'm smarter than a 5th grade, duh!' should not be surprised. OF COURSE they are smarter.

    It's just a show. Oh, and for those saying 'I'm th-grader and I get %', please just go and do your homework.

  • Whoever wrote the "results" section is not too smart. My results first said "You are 70% Smarter than a fifth grader." That would mean my score exceeded a fifth grader's by 70%.

    But then immediately after that, it says "You are almost smarter than a fifth grader. If you just got a bit more right. Then, you would be considered smarter. Nice try. Try again." That statement would suggest that my result meant that I am only 70% as smart as a fifth grader (30% less smart).

    Net result: I'm not sure whether I'm smarter than a fifth grader, but at least I'm smarter than whoever wrote the result page!!

  • Can't you people ever stop with"Stupid American" comments. You don't have to be American to get the answers correct. In fact you don't need to be from somewhere to know all about it. For those of you out there who blame your educators for your poor knowledge, take into mind that if you wanted to learn American geography, you would have done so. Blame yourselves for your ignorance and do some research. Learning happens on your own. Besides, everyone is smart in their own way, be smart now by studying rather than dissing other people.

  • You are 100% Smarter than a fifth grader.

    You are smarter than a fifth grader. no doubt. There is no need for you to retake school. Keep on doing your brain excersise like sudokus and crossword puzzles, and you'll soon be smarter than a sixth grader! Good work!

    A trapezoid? 4 sides. that one got me, Andrew Johnson first president impeached. Orange is the result of red an yellow. I failed them on first try but got them eventually.

  • I am 100% smarter than a fifth grader and 100% smarter than a Professor who possesses a PHD or Masters in anything. I am self taught, though the highest degree I have obtained is a Bachelor of Arts. I posses Esoteric knowledge which has been deemed Heresy by the deceptive minds of Academia. For tens of thousands of years Quackery and the suppression of Wisdom and Foresight has been encouraged in all facets of Life as we have been programmed! Ever since before the beginning of documented accounts or written words, Plagiarizers have hidden/coveted the true meanings of essential knowledge which is beneficial for the well being of all that is!

  • I have a B average, and I skipped a grade, because I am smart, I am in 7th grade, so I don't see how I got an 80%! Well, maybe it is because I don't know much about presidents, or what happens when they run for it, or something, but the 1st question was freakin' easy! I learned how to mix colors, and what they turned into when I was freakin' three, and watched Blues Clues! LOL! But anyway, I actually learned it on freakin' Blues Clues. They had a song. Colors bright colors bold, green and yellow maked marigold! It really makes you stop, and stare colors, colors everywhere! It is gay, right? And I still know how to sing it! Weird, huh?

    • You: *Flexes on how smart you are*

      Also you: *Says "maked" and uses a sexual orientation as an insult*

      Thank you Kanye, very cool!

  • It's not fair, I'm brittish XD though I don't think this determines how smart you are, just common knowledge. If you were looking at how smart a person was you'd be looking at core subjects: science, English and maths. Not American history geographical facts.

  • No offence, but this is mostly U.S.A. Stuff, and, I'm sorry, just because I'm a student, OVER fith grade btw, in Canada doesn't mean I'm dumber than a US fith grader, we learn different stuff. The curriculum is different in one province than it is in the province RIGHT beside it! Imagine how different it is in another country!

  • You are 50% Smarter than a fifth grader.

    Retake fifth grade and try again. maybe now that you lost your bribe money you'll try to better instead of playing pac man.

    First of all, Mr. John or whoever created this thing, I didn't do this on a bribe. Second of all, I haven't ever in my life played pac man for more than 10 minutes! Third, I'm in uh 2nd semester COLLEGE. UGH. ?!!!!

  • You are 100% Smarter than a fifth grader.

    You are smarter than a fifth grader. no doubt. There is no need for you to retake school. Keep on doing your brain excersise like sudokus and crossword puzzles, and you'll soon be smarter than a sixth grader! Good work!

    i am in seventh grade and get straight A's and i still had trouble

    sorry for posting twice

  • I'm from Dublin and I got 100% on this quiz... so while there are alot of American questions and therefore this quiz compares you to the intelligence of an American 5th grader (as opposed to an unbiased 5th grader) it's still pretty easy. It's really sad that the education systems of so many countries are so poor.

  • I'm 70% smarter! Thanks for this quiz, I do get really high grades so this was accurate. (I'm in grade 5) Though I don't think this was fair because this was based on American fifth grade education and I'm in a different country. Try and do an all-round quiz next time.

  • OK im not all that sure what is up with you Great Britian people but honestly if you want some of these quizzes to be about Great Britian then MAKE ONE YOURSELF!! I mean no offense but saying that we "bloody americans" are stupid really isn't all that nice. And you are probably thinking why the f--- should i listen to them?! Because if you ever want to stay out of jail in OUR country (oh and yes i'm impling you'll want to visit our country cause well it's pretty damn awesome) you shouldn't insult peoples intelligence. Well you shouldn't EVER insult peoples intelligence but you get the point. Oh and if you got a 100% on a quiz made about the U.S.A. then you have to like it enough to do some research.

  • First, this had nothing to do with math.
    Second, I'm I won the spelling bee geo bee.

    Third, I was smarter than a fifth grader in 2nd grade

    Fourth,Depre ssed 07 the kids at your school must be very dumb.

    Fifth, DarkBloom you only got 100 because you looked at the answers.

    I'm smarter than all of you combined!
    I had no idea how dumb america was.......

  • Crud You! I AM In Fifth Grade And I Haven't Learnt Any Of Those. The Result I Got Was Offensive. Get Your Facts Straight And Actually DO Some Year 5 Work YourSelf Before Making A Quiz! I Bet These Questions Were Copied Of The Internet!

  • I am Teddy. I am a chain mail here to frighten other players. Teddy is immature and I know who started it. It was a huge joke so please quit passing it on. One girl will be in a mental instatution for six years beacuse of Teddy. Teddy of course is not real so s t o p : r e p o s t i n g : i t !


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