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  • Umm okay... I’m in 8th grade so I passed.. but none of my sisters friends or my sister got these right and she is in fifth grade. Not even one of her friends did! And she has a lot of friends... maybe this is too hard?

    CreativeAugust05 Aug 15 '18, 2:23AM
  • 90% smarter :>

    yeahno Jul 14 '18, 2:44AM
  • Woohoo ^,^
    i got 0% score 4 diz pretty nice quiz .
    Incredible job 2 da quizmaker

    jemah jempot May 23 '18, 10:02AM
  • Seriously!!! I'm in 7th grade and I got 40% a smart 5th grader does not know all of those questions!!! And the question your not even smart you probably don't know what 5 times 2 is Seriously?!?!?! It's obviously 10!!! This person is dumb as they just went and SEARCHED those things up!!

    AyaAbbas13 Mar 18 '18, 8:57AM
  • HA HA!! I got 70% and I am in 4th grade!

    LilBit224 Nov 14 '17, 9:48PM
  • 90%

    FluffyEtini Jul 15 '17, 9:30PM
  • All the answers he/she put in as "right" were, in reality, WRONG. I am the 2nd smartest 5th grader in the grade! So do not, I repeat, do not tell me 60 was "wrong"

    N1N1N1 Jan 3 '17, 8:11AM
  • 40 and i'm in highschool! listen, brat! ur in 2nd grade

    otty Oct 27 '16, 7:17PM
  • 50 Eh, Im in 4th goin into fith I'll try again in a month.

    begg18 Aug 23 '16, 8:29PM
  • i'm a 7th grader with 100 percent that was easy af

    SirGermaphobe Jul 25 '16, 11:30PM
  • I'm an English fifth grader and I got 70%

    TheMagic12321 Jul 20 '16, 1:55PM
  • Ok i got 66% but im not american so dont actually learn about their presidents and alot of this stuff may not be taught to people in schools. my school didnt teach me the presidents of my countries maybe would have if i studied history but not great memory for studying.

    Kenma_Kozume Jun 27 '16, 10:06AM
  • So did my sister TheTormentor ;|

    shy fishy Jun 8 '16, 5:09PM
  • 60%:
    You got mare than half right, atleast. It's 50% for your information, since you're still stupid. A fifthgrader is smarter than you.
    Since your still stupid?!
    Daf-- dude?

    Saara May 15 '16, 5:29AM
  • It's either their not teaching us good enough or you just made it too hard.

    Ultralogic Apr 14 '16, 10:13PM
  • im an actual 5th grader and i got 80% O_O

    heartkinz17 Apr 12 '16, 7:26PM
  • 60% that is not too bad!!! I am a 6th grader! LOL!

    Dhwani Mar 21 '16, 3:28AM
  • I got a 100% and I'm in 6th grade supposed to be in 7th!!!

    emogoth Mar 18 '16, 6:38AM
  • I got 90% and I actually am a 5th grader :P

    RainbowPenguin7 Feb 28 '16, 9:21PM
  • 80%
    I'm a fifth grader.

    FluffyEtini Feb 24 '16, 9:06PM
  • hell, they never teached me about pilgrims and shapes! (i knew little tho)

    whodayas Feb 23 '16, 7:55PM
  • Jeez, I'm Canadian! That was harsh! How am I supposed to know facts about men who governed other countries??? Bet you don't know half of the history lessons in Canadian Gr.5!

    Piez Feb 20 '16, 1:38PM

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