Are you smart? (Don't worry. I'm sure you'll do fine.)

Are you smart. GPA's can lie, you know. So take the quiz! It's not bad! I promise. Do you like socks? If yes, then you may want to take this quiz right now to see if you can be random and a sock eating monster and SMART!!! So take it. Go ahead. No one's stopping you.

Are you smart. The world may never know. Unless, of course, you take this quiz. Perhaps, you will find out the wonders of your brain. Is your forehead big? Well, that doesn't always answer the question. To find out for 100% certain, take the quiz!!!

Created by: raro

  1. What is... 2+2?
  2. Solve for X. 3X+6=-3
  3. If there are three monkeys and some hippos at a zoo, and there are 8 animals total, how many gorillas are there?
  4. Solve the inequality. 7X + 2 < 30 (Round to the nearest tenth if you have to)
  5. Combine the like terms 4 (3X+-2) + X
  6. 9"¢20
  7. 5"¢6"¢-7"¢-2
  8. 60% of 50?
  9. Science question. What is the center of the earth called?
  10. Reading short story and answer. Sally Dunbrook was going to school one morning. She saw a little boy that fell down. He was crying and she didn't go help him because she was in a hurry. The next day, the same boy fell down again. She still didn't help him. So every day she saw the boy fall, she dreamt about it. And that dream haunted her until she finally helped him. He thanked her, and ran off. And Sally felt good for the first time in weeks. What was the lesson in the story?

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Quiz topic: Am I smart? (Don't worry. I'm sure you'll do fine.)