How are you today?

There are many fine people, but few people who are actually fine. People who are fine are, obviously, fine. A person who is fine is the best person and is able to be fine and tell other people that so they feel fine, which is good.

How are YOU? Are you fine? Do you have the fine quality which you want and need. Until now you could only guess but know thanks to will brain technology you can take this quiz and find out how you are. Really you can. Its fine.

Created by: Willum Lawrence

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  1. How are you?
  2. Thats good. I'm fine, yeh. So what are you doing?
  3. I'm just making a quiz. See you around?
  4. Fancy a cup of tea later?
  5. Maybe a visit to a very english pub?
  6. How about a game of croquet at my place?
  7. Oh by the way, meet my butler jeeves (he used to be a wrestler).
  8. So still up for everything I said earlier? I'll give you some toast...
  9. Right. OK. Before you go can I just ask you a quick question?
  10. What is the circumference of the millenium dome multiplied by the size, in centmetres, of my dogs tail?

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Quiz topic: How am I today?