Are you skinny?

There are many skinny people, but very few people who are at a perfect weight. What does it mean to have a perfect weight? And is your weight perfect?

Take this quiz to find out! Do you eat healthy and exercise? Accurate quiz, but remember- no quiz is perfect! I hope you enjoy it. Please comment so I can know how to make it better! :) Good luck!

Created by: :) Girl
  1. Hello! Okay, so how much do you weight?
  2. How many calories do you usually eat per day?
  3. Do you exercise? If so, how much?
  4. Why do you exercise, exactly? :)
  5. What kind of exercise do you do the most?
  6. Okay, clothes wise... what usually fits you the best?
  7. How often do you drink coffe, soft drinks, juice boxes, etc.?
  8. Do people ever comment on your weight? If so, which of the following do you hear the most?
  9. Let's pretend that you could only eat at one restaurant every day for a whole week. Which of the following would you choose?
  10. Lastly, what do YOU think you are? And how do you feel about it? Pick the closest. (This doesn't have any effect on the quiz, don't worry!) :)

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Quiz topic: Am I skinny?