Are you TO fat?

There are lots of over weight people now a days. Are you one of them? Find out in this quiz! If you weigh 300 pounds your automatic over weight in the quiz.

Are you fat skinny over weight chubby or normal? Find out today and you'll dance with a potato! Sorry. I'm random. Take the quiz for random questions some times!

Created by: Holly lacey
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  1. You look in the mirror one morning and say
  2. You look in the mirror 1 morning and say
  3. How much fat can you grab from your belly?
  4. Do people sometimes say things about your weight?
  5. Lie down flat and look at your feet. What do you see?
  6. Pull down your trousers slyly. Does your belly hang out?
  7. Can you fit a marble in your belly button?
  8. Do you think your fat, skinny, over weight, chubby or normal?
  9. Do you think you need to loose some pounds?
  10. The l10 th 1 had no effect on the results

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