Are you skinny,chubby,fat,overfat or obese?

There are many people in this world but im going to stick with one group...if you want to know if your skinny,chubby,fat,overfat or obese you have come to the right place. You may have wondered for hours and hours and now you will finally know the truth! (im overfat just so you know...but im proud to be it :P)

Do you want to know if your fat? Do you know what to do if you get picked on for being fat,but cant lose weight? Well take this quiz and you will finally find out

Created by: Chubbykid97
  1. do you wear clothes lower or higher than your age eg. 13 yr old wearing 16 yr clothes
  2. If you feel full in a resturaunt and bring out desert what do you do
  3. do you have a muffin top?
  4. stand up and look down...what can you see
  5. does stuff creak when you sit/stand on it
  6. how much do you weigh
  7. what is your waist size
  8. Your fat! what would you do if someone said that
  9. boy:do you have moobs girl: how big is your bum
  10. final question: Its an all-you-can-eat bufee what do you eat.

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Quiz topic: Am I skinny,chubby,fat,overfat or obese?