Are you sexy or normal?

Hey ever wonderd if you are sexy or just simply normal find out by taking this f---ing quiz i seriously why made this quiz its stupid dont be botherd to reading to this lot!

Are you hot or super hot or ultra hot or Smokin HOT ! find out by taking this quiz or are you to lame and lazy and scared to find that you are ultra lame just go for it be brave go..enjoy! muhahaha!

Created by: Klaire

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  1. You have been in a long time relatioship,your boyfriend tries to spice things up a bit and is touching you on your privat places! what would your reactions be?
  2. What bikinie would you were to a pool party
  3. Imagine you were on a date with this cute guy and suddenly this amazingly cute waitress comes and takes your order you feel that you are in love with HIM go and talk to him in the store room and he delibrertly kisses you what would you do?
  4. How do u like this quiz so far?
  5. do you like brad pitt
  6. If you have been to this costume party where only the popular people go what costume would you wear?
  7. dump
  8. What starsign r u
  9. What are your birthday months
  10. Lol
  11. When do you want to get a boyfriend

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Quiz topic: Am I sexy or normal?