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  • I was told I am 67% rude...I am not sure how accurate these questions are in analysing one's rude behaviour. But, I took the quiz with interest to find whether there are aspects of my behaviour might offend people and is there anything I can do about it. I know I am generally a nice guy, but that in itself is not enough to eradicate the rudeness I may habour subconsciously. This is a reality check without having the humiliation of admiting inforont of many people. I rather like the message therefore I am not going to shoot the messanger. Thanks

  • There's no way I'm 52% rude! I don't say anything when people cut in front of me, I don't say a word if I don't like what my partner makes or how he smells. If anything I'm probably too nice!

  • I answered all with nice answers and got 77%. Excuse me. I am nice. I think the people who put nice answers got your mean and people who put rude awnsers got your nice. What the heck. Im gonna retake it and see what I get. Later :]

    Lavender Chan
  • EXCUSE ME? I'M 67 PERCENT RUDE? you know what? you people who make these quizes dont know anything. and i'm not gonna let u tell me weather or not im rude. i know i'm nice, and that's all that matters. and other people i didnt even know at my old school used to come up to me and say "ur nice." (and they were all guys...?) and so what if i like to speak my mind! like i just did then... lol. i'm not trying to brag or offend anyone. =]

  • I did all the answers accurately and got 93% rude then I did them all rudely and got 0% rude... uh ok. Well whatever. This quiz was fun though!

  • I didn't pick too many rude ones. and I got 70%

    I'm nicer than that!

    and why the hell would a crippled person be going on a slide?

  • ur kidding

  • omfffffffg when i answer nice answers im 100% rude n when i aswer rude answers im a saint wtf. dude sort this quiz out. im good im not rude so sort ur quiz out please. sorry to sound b***** soz but its messed up no offence xxxx

  • uh i t totally did a lot of rude answers (im really annoying :p) but got 0% rude. what the heck?!

  • You are 27% rude!

    you are a saint! you are a very nice person, just dont become a snob! bla bla bla blal bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

  • wtf? there is no way im 52% rude. anyways most of the answers were rude.

  • u have GOT to be kidding me. i am not 74% rudE!!!! i'm actually a pretty nice person, thanks.


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