Are you rude or nice?

People can be rude it very bad, bad bad bad bad bad, lets see if your rude, or nice. not enough character long, so, sheep are so soft and warm! i just am a little crazy! ha!

Are you a nice person or a rude person lets see just take this quiz and you shall find out. not enough characters long,so, bla bl abl abla blalbablab lalba slb albalba lba lb albal ba lba lba lbalba lbal ba.

Created by: nick

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are waiting in line when a person cuts in line right in front of you, do you...
  2. Does this Quiz intrest you?
  3. A person in a wheelchair is taking up all the space on a ramp to a giant slide and is going fairly slow, do you...
  4. Is it annoying if i ask silly questions like this.
  5. I'm starting to get bored! ARE YOU!
  6. What is your favorite colour.
  7. You are in an elevator, and another person comes in, this person is very obese around 200kg, and smells, you...
  8. NOTE TO ALL PEOPLE WHO TAKE THIS QUIZ I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE WHEN I MADE THIS, anyway, you notice that your boy/girlfriend, smells, you...
  9. Someone has made you something to eat, but you dont like the way it, looks, or smells, or tastes, so you...
  10. whats better, 1 speak your mind, 2 hold your tonge, 3 yell, 4 cower, 5 complain.

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Quiz topic: Am I rude or nice?