Are you Rep or Dem??

Are you solid red or solid blue? Or maybe in between? Find out on the Republican, Democrat Quiz! Figure out what party you're most like and what your views are. Please, have fun!

Are you dumb? Are you smart? Can you go the right direction in this Rep/Dem quiz! See if you're ment to stay republican or go blue! Have fun! Oh, and remeber... always be certain!

Created by: evan
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  1. Do you believe that the US should stay in Iraq and Afganistan and continue fighting?
  2. Do you belive in Fair Tax?
  3. Do you think that gays have the right to get married?
  4. Do you believe we should attack Iran if the president thinks its ok?
  5. If you could vote in the next election, which out of these five, who would you vote for?
  6. Do you think drugs such as Marujana should be legal?
  7. Do you like what President Bush has done with the U.S.'s image?
  8. Will you celebrate the day Bush goes outta office?
  9. Do you think goth/emo people should be allowed less rights because of there way of life?
  10. Do you consider youself racist?
  11. Do you think that i'm a person with democratic or republican views?
  12. If you answered Democrat, then you're correct! Good job to you people with sense!

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Quiz topic: Am I Rep or Dem??