democrat or republican

hello do you not know what political party is your preferred? well you have come to the right place in just a few minutes you will know who to vote for.

I personally am a democrat, but I respect the decision of republicans(note: I live in England but I still know about American politics) although centred for americans, you will get an accurate result if you don't live in america

Created by: harold melling
  1. what do you think about owning a gun?
  2. how willing are you to lower taxes?
  3. what do you think of gay marriage
  4. do you think that George w. bush was responsible for the war in iraq
  5. who did you vote for (or wanted to vote for because you're too young)
  6. do you support the death penalty
  7. do you think that citizens should vote for their town mayor
  8. what do you think about mitt romney
  9. what result were you hoping for
  10. did you enjoy this quiz (this doesn't effect you result)

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