For which Party would you vote?

As in any democracy, there are lots of political parties to choose from, and each one has a particular range of views, values and policies. Some are left wing, which means they tend to favour taxing more and spending that money to provide more resources and opportunities for its population.

Answer the questions in the test thoughtfully and honestly. The answers you provide will lead you towards a party which most closely matches your views.

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  1. Rich people should have to pay more tax to enable the government to provide a greater range of benefits for those unable to work.
  2. Fees for private schools should be increased and the government should use the extra money to provide free school meals to all children in state primary schools.
  3. The government should spend money on helping those in need in the UK before helping other countries.
  4. The UK should remain in the European Union, and there should be another referendum before a final decision is made.
  5. The level of immigration should be reduced.
  6. 16 and 17 year olds should be able to vote in elections.
  7. Protecting the environment is more important than economic growth.
  8. The voting system should be changed so parties gain a share of the seats in line with the share of votes they received at the election.
  9. The monarchy should be replaced by an elected Head of State, just like in France and the USA.
  10. Scotland should leave the United Kingdom and join the European Union as an independent country.

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