Are You Ready For a Bunny?

Bunnies are hard to take care of, but in the end it will be worth it! Try your best but even if you score low, you will be ready for one if you do some research.

There are a lot of other things you will need to know about bunnies even if you took the test, but do some research before getting one. Good luck!!!

Created by: landry

  1. What kind of hay should bunnies eat?
  2. How much hay should bunnies eat each day?
  3. How long should bunnies be let out to play each day?
  4. How often should you wash you bunny?
  5. How often should you clean their cage?
  6. How much water should bunnies be given each day?
  7. What should bunnies eat each day?
  8. When should bunnies be allowed to eat fruit/vegetables?
  9. How much fruit/vegetables should bunnies eat?
  10. Which of the following should you NEVER give to bunnies?
  11. How should you pick a rabbit up?
  12. How often should you clip your bunnies nails?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready For a Bunny?