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  • what the f--- i describe my way how i am brown curvy i wear hodie and jeans and sneaker like every girls do when they dont go somewhere fancy like i love fashion and if i wear like a boy then fashion has no gender anyway in the end the answer i got was you are average and then change the answer how did i describe myself and i said like i wear high hills with a skirt and top tshirt and i said like everyone says to me that im gorgeus and then i describet myself like a queen and in the end answer i got was that you look so pretty beautiful like stop it this page has to stop like somebody can get seriosly and something to herself or himself this is actually bully everyone is beautifull that show god made us thats how our mom born us THIS HAVE TO STOP IMMIDIATLY ....

    fefsrf Jun 20 '18, 1:45PM
  • this quiz freaking sucks! u can't judge people just the way there r u can't just walk up to someone and say your ugly

    fancy Jun 13 '16, 9:33PM
  • I remember i made this quiz i was 9, lol don't get discouraged, everyones pretty in their own way :)

    ddmw2246 Oct 19 '15, 7:00AM
  • i got 80% cute

    jubilee Jul 29 '14, 12:42PM
  • Average

    pickles123 May 11 '14, 11:57AM
  • forget this... I'm not so pretty thats wierd questions up in here

    nonojackson101 May 2 '14, 9:42AM
  • Are you pretty, beautiful, cute, average, or georgeous?

    Your Result: You are Average


    You are Average!!!! you are not ugly or not pretty but just normal. Don't worry about your looks because you are fine. I'm sure you are a great person on the inside though!!

    Not so pretty

    :( just cause I don't wear make up, wear normal cloathes and never got asked out.

    mysticbluekitten Apr 23 '14, 3:32PM
  • You don't need to cake tons of makeup just to look pretty everyone is pretty for someone else in some way. Accept who you are and chances are you ARE going to get asked out sometime. I got 0% for everything so I have no idea what I got. So just BE YOURSELF you don't need to cake on makeup to look pretty that basically means your desperate for someone.

    Sparklecatlover Apr 20 '14, 9:39AM
  • It's pretty sad how this quiz rates you on your makeup, weight, and how many boys ask you out. That's not what you call beautiful/gorgeous/ pretty. Every single person on this planet is beautiful, even if they're over-weight, have a bunch of pimples, anorexic, etc. You don't need to put chemicals on your face, have a perfectly shaped body, or have 20 million boys asking you out just to be considered "pretty", you just need to be yourself. Makeup hides who you are, just be natural because chemicals isn't going to make you perfect. Be healthy, take care of yourself and your own diet. Just. Be. Natural. That's all it takes to be a beautiful person inside and out.

    Rinnyrin Apr 19 '14, 11:36PM
  • I already knew im 'not so pretty'
    don't have to throw it at my face...well im kinda on this i guess i asked for it?

    CatLordMcTit Apr 17 '14, 10:35AM
  • I already knew im 'not so pretty'
    dont have to throw it at my face...well im kinda on this i quess i asked for it?

    CatLordMcTit Apr 17 '14, 10:34AM
  • Yay! I'm normal!! :p

    MeganMarieBanda Apr 9 '14, 1:29PM
  • I got a little pretty. I guess it's because I'm not incredibly popular, I never asked someone out (1 person asked me out once) and I don't wear makeup...but, doesn't that mean you're pretty? If you were truly petty, than why would you need makeup?

    MidnightMare247 Apr 9 '14, 9:26AM
  • This is infuriating. Just because I don't wear makeup or am anorexic, doesn't mean I'm not pretty.

    owlflight441 Mar 31 '14, 8:55PM
  • I got average.

    Ariana9 Mar 30 '14, 2:06AM
  • i got normal thanks for being honest instead of saying everyone is beuautiful but i really dont care if im pretty i just live my life

    united states Mar 26 '14, 11:54PM
  • I did not like my result. So what no one asks me out? Everyone at school knows that I won't date until I am older. So what I don't ware make up? If I did try to ware make up I would end up having a allergic reaction and possibly dieing.

    Pearl Dragon Mar 22 '14, 6:09PM
  • I got a little bit pretty, thats not accurate

    chocolatefrog Mar 22 '14, 2:47PM
  • Drop dead gorgeous. I like this

    Donotdisturb Mar 22 '14, 9:15AM

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