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  • Sorry but since when does wearing makeup make you pretty? And it doesnt really matter about if you have friends with braces or if you like to read, but apparently that makes you ugly?? And 50% isn't even a bad score IMO, so why shouldn't I step outside?!

  • It does NOT matter what hair, or eye color you have. Does NOT matter if you are skinny, fat, or obese. Does NOT matter if you hang out with people with braces and glasses. Or how many friends you have. No offense, but I did not like this quiz, not because I got 56%, but because the questions were pointless.

  • good god, why can't anyone understand that inner beauty is what counts? and I look like an ordinary person, not "ugly as mess" and "in desperate need of plastic surgery".

  • 26%. Oh wow. And the mirror didn't break when I looked in it btw. ._.

  • uhh i aint ugly everybodys always tellin me how pretty i am.. juss cuz u aint got blonde hair, blue eyes, and ur not stupid doesnt mean ur not pretty . sorry honey but the quiz wasnt too good.. it must be a "sad sad day" for you >:)


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