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  • i got: YOUR PROABLY A ROCKER CHICK!! You hate chick flix and you've never cried in any mvoie!! You prolly go to the mall but just for HOT TOPIC!! You spit on the popular preppie chicks and most definatly CHEERLEADERS!!

    thi s couldnt be any more wrong!! it said "your probably a rocker chick!" ok first of all, if you were a prep, you would have enough education to know the difference between "your" and "you're".

    second it said that i hate chick flix (thats how you spell it?! lol) ok i love mean girls and legally blonde,and my dogs name is bruiser so...

    and not to mention, i have never set foot in hot topic in my life. lilly, j.crew, ralph lauren, vineyard vines, l.l.bean is all thats in my closet

    and lastly, i AM one of those "popular preppie chicks"

  • i got tom boy and im glad i am one

    tomboy blonde
  • how did you no that goin shopin w/ my mom is my worst nightmare? lol PINK SUCKS A$$


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