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  • This is a pretty good quiz, slightly inaccurate and flattering, but otherwise hey at least its kind. One more thing though is I might wanna get rid of the dating question, cuz who knows, someone might be really good looking and just not wanna date people yet, especially if theyre 18 or younger

    Must I
    • Yeah! I'm just not allowed to date yet, I have liked a lot of guys before, at the moment I think my crush and I like each other. I'm just not allowed to have a bf. Love to all of you beautiful women out there, on the inside and outside

  • You are 91% Beautiful. 91%

    You are completely beautiful. You have a good hygiene, nice face & a perfect body. Are you a model? If not you should be one. Let me know on the comments.

    Lolz I liked your quiz no am not a model but every one tells me I should be :3

  • Me and my friend took this quiz, she got 30 something but she shrugged it off and when its my turn, she congratulate me cause I got 86%, Lol. Nice quiz by the way :)

    Crimson Red
  • I got You are 98% Beautiful.

    and yes i am a model for a small company !! :)


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