Are you phsycic?

Psychics, many question they're existence. It has never been proven that there are psychics, I myself, am skeptical, that's why I created this test...

I want to see if there are psychics out there, is there really someone who can tell me what I'm thinking. I don't think so, take this quiz and see if you can prove me wrong.

Created by: Tman10061
  1. What color am I thinking of?
  2. What name am I thinking of?
  3. What food am I thinking of?
  4. What Number am I thinking of?
  5. What letter am I thinking of?
  6. What animal am I thinking of?
  7. Which Wrestler am I thinking of
  8. Football Team?
  9. Baseball Team?
  10. NASCAR Driver?
  11. TV Show?
  12. DBZ Character?
  13. Okay, hardest (and last) one, which number combination?

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Quiz topic: Am I phsycic?