Are you Pepe or Wojak?

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There are two particular personas that people who go on imageboards usually portray themselves as whether they are aware of it or not. That is Wojak and Pepe.

Disclaimer: This quiz will ask you questions about some sensitive material, so please be prepared. They are important for determining results accurately.

Created by: anon
  1. How would you deal with overwhelming anger/sadness in private?
  2. Do you self-improve? Do you regularly take steps to further your abilities like intelligence and physical capabilities?
  3. If irritated, are you more likely to be sad or angry?
  4. How many friends in real life do you have?
  5. Do you have real life friends that are the opposite gender? (If you picked 0 for the previous question, pick "No" for this)
  6. Have you ever had a significant other? If so, are you two close as if it's the ideal relationship?
  7. Which is closest to your views on western trends, social norms and society today?
  8. Do you follow mainstream trends?
  9. Do you browse imageboards like 4chan?
  10. Are you mentally ill?
  11. If yes to the previous question, are you taking medication to treat it?
  12. What is your political wing? (Pick centrist if you don't care about politics)
  13. Which gender do you think society caters most to?
  14. Does this question's number hold any special meaning to you in terms of race? (14)
  15. Do you own a gun?
  16. Are most red pills the same as black pills?
  17. Do you believe in the Jewish question?
  18. Were you surprised about the complete shift to political questions?
  19. Have you thought about committing suicide when you're alone? How frequently?
  20. Do you own a lot of social media accounts?
  21. How do you handle failure?
  22. Do you make memes?
  23. Do you store and save memes? (Meme folder on your computer or other means?)
  24. Are you a pessimist, realist, or optimist?
  25. Are you in education, employment, or training?
  26. Do you frequently have awkward encounters with normal people as a result of being socially inept?
  27. Were you bullied? If so, how did you handle it?

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Quiz topic: Am I Pepe or Wojak?