are you part of the bro army (pewdiepie)

Hey you really think know pewdiepie! Than take this quiz. Not all the qustions about him are in there but most of them are. I hope you like it and brofist.

This is the extreme pewdiepie quiz that will test to see if you really know pewdiepie. If you do not know who pewdiepie is please do not take this quiz inless you want to.

Created by: desiree

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is pewdiepie
  2. How old is he
  3. What is his real name
  4. What does his name mean
  5. What is he
  6. What color is his eyes
  7. What is his 2 favorite colors
  8. His favorite game
  9. Who is his girlfriend
  10. What is his girlfriend
  11. What does pewdiepie do on fridays
  12. How many dogs does he have
  13. What there dogs name
  14. How many siblings does he have
  15. When pewdiepie born
  16. Does he has song called fabolous
  17. Barrels
  18. How does he start the videos
  19. How does he end his videos

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Quiz topic: Am I part of the bro army (pewdiepie)