Are you paranoid?

Lots of people are paranoid about things. Some people can be extremely gullible about things (no offense). But I'm here to test you and see how paranoid you are.

You probably wonder, "I didn't do a dare that my friends told me to do and they said I'm a chicken. Is that true? Am I overly paranoid?" If you did think this, take this quiz and find out! If you didn't think this, take this quiz anyway!

Created by: O1Awesomeness

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  1. Do you repost chain letters?
  2. Would you ride on a roller coaster somebody died on?
  3. Would you rather read about science or jump over a volcano in a monster truck?
  4. Would you eat a cooked cicada?
  5. Scientist or NFL player?
  6. Do you care about school?
  7. If you could you would ban...
  8. Dog or cat?
  9. You would rather watch...
  10. What's your lifelong dream?

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Quiz topic: Am I paranoid?