Are you Pan or Bi?

Some people don't know weather they are pan or bi. some say they are bi but are pan or vice versa. many people think its the same thing but they are quite different.

You may think you are one but are actually the other! I personally am a pansexual! don't get the two mixed up or think they are the same...they are not.

Created by: Did_ur_mom

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like boys and girls?
  2. if someone you liked changed gender, would it change how you seem them?
  3. are you attracted to one sex more than the other?
  4. are you attracted to third gendered people?
  5. if your crush told you he/she was a hermaphrodite, would you care?
  6. do you care about gender?
  7. whats your favorite color?
  8. do you like video games?
  9. do you like animals?
  10. last one...........hi

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Quiz topic: Am I Pan or Bi?