Are you overweight, Average, or Anorexic

Some people are too skinny or too fat. Well u dont wanna be neither. U don't have too be perfect buh your is something to worry about. your kinda balances your body like a heart.

Are you just too Fat or skinny! Do you think that your average enough to take this quiz to prove your not to fat or skinny. This quiz will help you find that out!

Created by: brooklynn

  1. How often do you eat fastfood or junkfood? * smirks * bet everybody get the same answer!
  2. How often do you eat veggies? * Lol! Like Never!*
  3. What types of beverages do you drink * Nacho bineh!*
  4. Do you sleep long?
  5. do u spend a lot of time in the house? YYYYYAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. How often do you eat?
  7. If u are obese or anorexic, would u try to eat more or lose more weight?
  8. Did you tink this quiz was worth it?
  9. will you take more of my quizzes?
  10. Will you share this with your family? BTW: this is just a survey. One question left
  11. Last Question DO u LOVE MY QUIZZES

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Quiz topic: Am I overweight, Average, or Anorexic