Are You Overweight Quiz?

Hi everyone I hope you enjoy taking my quiz!!! Sorry if it is not that accurate I hope it is anyway this quiz will tell you if you are anorexic, underweight, average, chubby, overweight, or obese.

I hope this quiz will help some people! In case they need to lose or gain weight. Also guys I will be making more quizzes soon so look out for them and take them!

Created by: demi
  1. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
  2. How much do you weigh?
  3. Look down, what do you see?
  4. What exercise do you get a week?
  5. How many things do you eat a day?
  6. What would you usually have for lunch?
  7. What were you doing before you took this quiz?
  8. What is your favourite food?
  9. Do you think your fat?
  10. How many fat rolls do you have?
  11. Have you ever been called fat?

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Quiz topic: Am I Overweight Quiz?