are you one direction smart~ true or false #2

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Here you are my second "are you one direction smart~ true or false" quiz!! I hope you like it!! since no one took my challenge and gave me quesions they wanted me to use...(me: oh!! c'mon!! was it really THAT hard!!) i had to do this myself!!! :( but theres no time to fear SUPERGIIIIIRL is here!!! LOL!!

vas' happin'!! LOL!! ok.. in my first "are you one direction smart~ true or false" quiz i promised that i would make another one today for all of you how dared to take my first one.... so here it is!!! but beware this one is ALOT harder!!! take it if you dare!!

Created by: tori

  1. ok, firt quesion... there are 6 "r's" in one direction.
  2. if louis was selena gomez for 24hr. he would kiss justin bebier just to stir-up niall.
  3. nialls first kiss was his school crush.(me: this is a very hard issue for me to discuss *cryes!!*)
  4. harry was VERY popular at school.
  5. while on starecaller niall called a girl while she was taking a test (at school)
  6. if zayn wasn't in the band he would be an english teacher
  7. liam eats ALOT a veggi soup... hey it's good for you!!
  8. niall and liam once sang "barbie girl" on twitter cam as a dare from a fan.
  9. niall faked calling a doctor in a 1D vedio.
  10. the only book niall ever read was " to kill a mocking bird."
  11. last one.. niall (me:I'm sorry i can't stop thinking about him!!!!)(you:*glares at me*) ok ok!!! harry then....Geez!!!! harrys first kiss was a fan.

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Quiz topic: Am I one direction smart~ true or false #2