are yoou one direction smart~true or false

true of false quesions are very common on test at school, right? well let's take these boaring quesions from your history test paper and tune it up with a one direction zing!!

there are many different quizes to test your one direction knowlage, well some timesyou don't have time to read throught all the quesions and awnsers, right well here's a quick quiz!!P.S i dare you to time yourself then tell me how you did by leaving a comment!!

Created by: tori

  1. ok lets begin...true or false niall dyed his hair.
  2. zayn is a mama's boy.
  3. harry's fav. color is teal.
  4. louis has a stuffed frog named darcy
  5. niall has a sister named meg.
  6. ALL the one direction members would date fans.
  7. liam is scarred of toads and spoons
  8. niall is the only band member with a brother.
  9. liam like girls carrots!!!
  10. niall perfers cute girls over sexy girls.
  11. zayns parent are from Pakistan
  12. louis cry while waching "toy story".
  13. niall cry while waching "finding nemo".
  14. liam bought niall a lives sized justin beiber for chirstmas.
  15. harry can play the piano.
  16. louis wants to swap vocies with harry
  17. the boys have never been to america
  18. harry and niall wrote stand up.
  19. niall wants to buy a nandos and rename it nialldos
  20. last one...liam and zayn both have a crush on victoria justice.

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