Are you truly a Greek geek

Now this is where you learn if you are really a Greek geek! With commentary from yours truly! Now I am going to ask you a couple questions about Greek mythology as you have guessed.

So here is an example: maybe I'll say, hello so true or false is what I guess we should start with. Then I would ask you a true or false question and you would answer true or false. I think you get it now so let's begin. Here we go!

Created by: David

  1. Let's start easy. True or false, the hydra is killed once you have cut off one of its heads.
  2. Okay great. How about this: how many Olympians or major gods are there
  3. Well you're pretty good. How about another one. This one is about a god. Who is Aphrodite's son?
  4. It's getting hot! Here's a stumper. How many bodies does Geyron have?
  5. How do you kill a giant? Do you know? Ha! Think I may have stumped you!
  6. Who is phasphae? HA HA HA! I bet you don't know this one!
  7. Yay, another true or false question! The Minotaur has the head of a man with horns and he has the body of a bull.
  8. How many tests does Hercules have to do since he killed his wife and children? I bet you know this one.
  9. What kingdom does Cerberus guard.
  10. Okay. Where getting serious. Each giant had a certain god they were supposed to face. Witch god goes the giant, polybotes?
  11. What god guards the mare nostrum? Hahaha! I bet you don't even know what the mare nostrum is! Go read abou it. And for the people who do know what that is, good job!
  12. Which monster guards the sea of monsters? I know this(since technically I am the all-knowing being. But who cares), but I want to see if you do.
  13. Who is the god of fear? I bet you know this one and I hope that you get the right answer.
  14. Who is the god who is also a monster? A hint:all gods fear him and they almost got defeated by him. p.s. I know you can get this one!
  15. This is our last question so I am going to try to make it a hard one. So, here it is: who was the leader of the giants?

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