Are you on my Good side or Bad side?

I have a good side and a bad side. My good side is where we all get along fine and I will likely spoil you as do those who are on my good side. My bad side is where I can be a real monster.

So which side are YOU on? Answer the following questions to find out. Relax, it's hard to get on my bad side, plus, you may not know me in person so who cares, right? lol

Created by: Sarah McCabe
  1. Would you ever take advantage of my family?
  2. If I let you borrow money, would you remember to ALWAYS pay me back?
  3. If I gave you rides in my own car often and I asked for an occasional payment for gas, would you agree to that?
  4. If you insulted my friend, make a guess of how I'd react.
  5. Scenario: I saw you punch my brother. Guess with the options below how I'd react.
  6. I saw you helping up my 7 year old cousin after she fell. How do you think I'd react?
  7. I see you making my child laugh. With the options below, guess how I'd react.
  8. Would you ever pull on knife on someone in my family?
  9. Would you ever steal from me?
  10. Would you ever lie to me?

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Quiz topic: Am I on my Good side or Bad side?