Are you OCD? (HONEST)

Some people think they are OCD and even put on a bit of an act like saying "Ugh, My OCD is killing me right now." Are you one of those people? or are you one of the actual victims of OCD. take this quiz to find out

This quiz questions how much you do everything, how much you wash your hands, how much you organize, how much you arrange, how much you clean! EVERYTHING! And by the end of this quiz we will have our results

Created by: QuizzesFordays
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  1. Does it bother you when someone opens a cabinet but doesn't close it? (Be honest)
  2. when you see a stack of papers, do you....
  3. Do you make your bed every morning
  4. Do you constantly wash your hands
  5. Do you organize your clothing to color coded?
  6. Are you Constantly cleaning around the house?
  7. Do you look for flaws in other peoples houses that you would hate to have in your own
  8. Are you picky about your food touching?
  9. Do you follow a color code in your house, or have a certain theme you like to follow,
  10. Are you constantly rearranging things in your house or bedroom?

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Quiz topic: Am I OCD? (HONEST)