Are You Obsessed With Draco Malfoy?

This quiz will tell you if you love Draco Malfoy or not! If you enjoy him and would love to be with him or not! If you would fall in love with him very easily or not!

This quiz will help you understand your true feelings toward the cute Platinum haired boy. Would you choose to be in Slytherin with him or not? You’ll see after the results!

Created by: Sophie
  1. Do you enjoy seeing Draco Malfoy on TikTok or the movies?
  2. Do you feel red and happy when you see Draco Malfoy?
  3. Do you choose the house Slytherin over any other house?
  4. Do you like the colors silver and green?
  5. Do you hate Harry Potter and enjoy it when Draco annoys him?
  6. Do you favor him over the others?
  7. Do you get this nice feeling when you see him in movies or anywhere naturally?
  8. Would you choose to be in Slytherin and by his side anytime?
  9. Do you like it when Tiktok makes povs about him?
  10. Finally! Would you want to date him?

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Quiz topic: Am I Obsessed With Draco Malfoy?