Are you obsessed with Christmas?

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This is the 2nd Special Christmas Quiz I made so hope you like it. It will tell how really obsess you are with the holiday so just answer these questions!

Are you obsess with Christmas? Well a lot of people love the holiday but others are just obsess with it are you one of them? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Cutie_Shy
  1. While everyone is getting excited about Thanksgiving, you're freaking out because CHRISTMAS IS COMING. CHRISTMAS IS COMING.
  2. All your dreams are covered in snow.
  3. Seeing Christmas lights brings tears to your eyes.
  4. You think the day Starbucks' red cups come out is a holiday in itself.
  5. You add mint to all your chocolate and anything you make becomes reindeer themed. Oops.
  6. You keep a Christmas playlist up year-round in anticipation and you sing Christmas songs post-Halloween.
  7. You download a slew of holiday apps.
  8. You instantly become BFFZ with anyone who shares your spirit.
  9. You will happily wake up early on Sunday to maximize your activity time
  10. Peppermint bark is a staple of your diet in December.
  11. Your Netflix and iTunes queue is filled to the brim with holiday movies.
  12. This is your biggest anxiety.
  13. You actually liked to wear Christmas sweaters as a kid, so now you buy trendy ones.
  14. Your spirit can't be extinguished even your pets can't escape your joy.
  15. You DIY your own Christmas ornaments and have developed a foolproof plan for organizing them on your tree.
  16. The Coca-Cola bears are your spirit animals.
  17. You make everyone get in the spirit, even if they aren't interested and you find a way to make everything you do become holiday themed.

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Quiz topic: Am I obsessed with Christmas?