Christmas Lover Or Christmas Hater

Many people don't know if they like Christmas or not. Well if people want to see if they should get into the Christmas spirit a little more, or even a little less they can tell from this quiz.

Well I actually made this because last Christmas I hated the holiday ever since but I didn't know why so I feel like people would like to see if they hate the holiday or not without even knowing.

Created by: Kira
  1. It's Christmas time and the first thing you do is
  2. Your dad ask you to help him get the tree but your friends want you to go to the mall
  3. A sibling breaks one of your glass presents
  4. Christmas cookies
  5. Christmas movies
  6. Tomorrows christmas
  7. You have the choice to spend Christmas with your family or go on a cruise with your best friend
  8. What list are you on
  9. Your friend doesn't get you a present but you get them one
  10. What do you think you are (doesn't affect grade)

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