Are you native Wichita?

Are you a true Wichita folk? Do you know the history, the quick facts, statistics the fast food chains? Well, let's test your knowledge! This is a quick and fun way to see if you are a true Wichitan!

Can you complete this quick quiz, and come out on top? Well, we'll see! Try to answer these questions. Remember, it's open book. Have Wikipedia on your space-bar at all times!

Created by: SA

  1. What is the largest employer in Wichita (2007)?
  2. What is Wichita's "saying"?
  3. Which famous statue is located by the Arkansas river?
  4. Which famous restaurant chain was started in Wichita?
  5. Which county is Wichita located in?
  6. Which is the largest university in Wichita?
  7. Money Magazine ranked Wichita __ on its list of 10 best U.S. big cities to live in?
  8. MSN ranked Wichita __ on the list of most affordable cities to live in?
  9. Which serial killer is Wichita known for?
  10. True or false: is Wichita the biggest city in Kansas?

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