are you my type? girlz only!!!

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im bored so i just created this quiz. also to see if id like u. random time. moon 12 foot shake 50 washington 13 crackers cheese jam intertubewebnet moronish lozers

Gir bubblegum Spongebob Invader Zim Power Puff Girls Power Rangers Rowdy ruff Boyz Vitorious Go To Quiz random avatar fiends ignoramus 5 giggity gigg9ty goo all right

Created by: beastial

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do u like young or old guys
  2. would u cheat on me
  3. wat relationship would u like
  4. do u like brown hair
  5. do u like brown eyes
  6. are u my friend
  7. would u want me to meet ur family
  8. do u like me so far
  9. do u like video games
  10. do u like star wars

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Quiz topic: Am I my type? girlz only!!!