are you a ratchet?

There are some girlz that are ratchets and a couple or few girlz that are not a ratchet. what is a ratchet? A Ratchet is a nasty or stupid person.and guys will know if your a ratchet or not..

ARE YOU A Ratchet? But can you change that? take this quiz and find out if your a ratchet or not....Until now you could only wonder and see who you really are inside or outside

Created by: inkedbarbie
  1. Do you be telling your friends your crush?
  2. Are you loud when you around boys or just loud?
  3. Do you try to get attention?
  4. Do you act ghetto?
  5. Do you have more guy friends then girl friends?
  6. Do you flirt with different guyz even your homiez?
  7. DO boys call you ratchet in your face or to their friends?
  8. Do you walk around with color hair
  9. Do you go places wearing pajama pants and messed up hair
  10. Do you be called a ratchet all the time?
  11. How many guyz told you that you were a ratchet
  12. Do you think its cute to be called a ratchet?
  13. do you care what people say about you?

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Quiz topic: Am I a ratchet?